Lord Jesus, our King and faithful Friend, you have called us to be part of this work, born from your Heart. In obedience to your Church, we live this special moment of grace for the Regnum Christi Movement, in which the assemblies and chapter gather. We feel called to encounter, through them, the channels of an authentic renewal, which is born from a desire for holiness and of the passion to evangelize.

Today, Lord Jesus, we call your name (Jer. 14:9) with greater intensity. We are yours; we abandon ourselves to you with total confidence. You wish that we give glory to God by working for the coming of your Kingdom in all hearts and in society. Help us to better know your will for us at this moment of our history. Send us an abundant outpouring of your Spirit, so that, in a spirit of prayer and under the gaze of your most holy Mother, we may contemplate our charism with new eyes and be able to incarnate it more fully. Amen.

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